Andy York’s interest in photography was first sparked by a school trip to Switzerland when he was still in his teens. He had with him a camera borrowed from an uncle and a lifelong interest was born. It continued as a keen hobby until 1992 when he took the big step of going into business for himself.

In 2006 Andy & his wife Christine took on a shop in The Littlebrook Centre off the Bath Road in Melksham and opened up his photographic studio.

Since then he has built up a very good reputation for creative portraits of women as many people today seem to favour the more relaxed atmosphere that Andy creates. What’s more, portraits don’t have to be just that.
With virtually any photo shoot, editing and image manipulation can create some fabulous results. Andy is an accomplished and vastly experienced photo editor and with his creativity produces images with some outstanding results. Even the same portrait can be made to look entirely different.

One of Andy’s specialities is the ‘Look Good Naked’ service, a very tasteful and artistic photo shoot which many ladies have taken advantage of, either as a confidence boost or just for the fun of it.
If disrobing is not for you, Andy can offer a variety of creative shoots to suit you

A big passion of Andy’s is Fine Art Photography. He has sold many popular and various photographs of ‘the real world’ over the years but more recently his interest has been in creating more romantic, ethereal and gothic style works.
His interest started many years ago but with the introduction of digital technology he has been able to explore new possibilities in his photographic expression.
In July 2009 he had an exhibition in Bath entitled eXpression, a collection of some 30 works using the female form infused with romantic fantasy.
Since then he has been commissioned by clients to recreate their own fantasy ideas, and it’s a service he’s more than happy to offer.