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MM 125a Kings ArmsMM 126a Southbrook Sewage WorksMM 217a The Bear HotelMM 245aMM 281a Bath RoadMM 323a The Bear Hotel, Bath RoadMM 598a The Bear Hotel. Bath RoadMM 622a The Unicorn, Bath RoadMM 632a Market PlaceMM 649a The Bell Hotel, Bath RoadMM 703a Seend BusMM 709a The Kings Arms & The CrownMM 712a Melksham’s First Hire Car/TaxiMM 751a High StreetMM 773a The Market TavernMM 784a The Kings ArmsMM 787a The Bear HotelMM 797a Fred Kempster, The Seend GiantMM 805a The Kings ArmsMM 810a The George Inn

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