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1981 Carnival QueenL3 035a The Round house 1992M3 028 The War Memorial 1992MM 181a From Church Tower looking down on Canon Square.MM 190a Church WalkMM 388a Church StreetMM 403a War MemorialMM 411a c1904MM 509a Church StreetMM6 005a No 5 Church WalkMM6 010a St. Michael's ChurchMM6 037a St. Michael's ChurchMM6 038a St. Michael's ChurchMM6 229a War Memorial 1953MM8 001a St Michael's ChurchMM11 006b Church Street, funeralMM35 006a No 5 Church WalkMM35 008a No 5 Church WalkMM35 009a No 5 Church WalkMM35 010a No 5 Church Walk

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