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1968 MM27 131a Tina Morgan1968 MM27 132a October 1968MM 040a Avon Rubber from NNWMM 049a Avon Rubber from SSEMM 162a NEWS CLIPPINGMM 275a Avon RubberMM 282a Avon Rubber showing Bath Road at the bottom of the picture.MM 350a Avon RubberMM 368aMM 387a Avon RubberMM 424a Avon Boys CampMM 427a Fire Brigade outside Avon TyresMM 427a2 Fire Brigade outside Avon TyresMM 650a Avon Rubber from WSWMM 651a Avon Rubber from SWMM 655a Avon RubberMM 719a Avon RubberMM 868aMM 870aMM 872a

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