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MM 104a Funeral of Mrs Mary CrookMM 146a Pound, Tayler & Collens Flour MillMM 207a Pound, Tayler & CollensMM 211a Taylers Mill 1925MM 216a Floods of 1926MM 217a The Bear HotelMM 234a Bath RoadMM 241a, Bath RoadMM 247a 1924MM 274a The Mission Room.MM 275a Avon RubberMM 281a Bath RoadMM 318aMM 323a The Bear Hotel, Bath RoadMM 332a Town BridgeMM 350a Avon RubberMM 368aMM 387a Avon RubberMM 427a Fire Brigade outside Avon TyresMM 427a2 Fire Brigade outside Avon Tyres

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