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Some of these people are currently unknown, if you have any information please let us know. Thank you.
Melksham Memories 0114MM 002a Unknown GroupMM 006a Unknown GroupMM 016aMM 026a Spencers Skittle Team?MM 027a Coombs WeddingMM 029a No info as yetMM 032a RAOB?MM 035a Who are these gentlemen?MM 036a WeddingMM 042a Mary Reeves 100th BirthdayVisit by HRH Duchess of GloucesterVisit by HRH Duchess of GloucesterMM 066a No info as yetMM 068a No info as yetMM 069a No info as yetMM 075a What do you know about this wedding?MM 076a No info as yetMM 077a No info as yetMM 081a Do you know these ladies?

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