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Step by Step Instructions for using our online Fading Memories or Memorable Moments Services

1) Sending Your Pictures to Us Venton C&R exampleVenton C&R example

Digital Files

For pictures actually to be worked on;

Scan your picture to a minimum of; 3000 pixels on the longest side

Save image as a low compression Jpeg to a minimum of; 4mb

If your picture already exists as a digital file (i.e. from a camera phone, scanner, etc.) please send it in its original size, do not allow the file size to be reduced.

For digital files sent for estimates only;

If you are unable to reach the above requirements, a lower resolution image may be acceptable for estimates only (see ‘Estimates’ in T&C's). In this case, to produce the finished image, you will need to send the original picture to me for scanning by post or to deliver by hand to my studio (see ‘For Images Sent by Post’ in T&C's)

Sending your digital files to us;

Simply go to wetransfer.com and follow the instructions there.

  1. Click the + symbol next to ‘Add your files’ and select your chosen file.
  2. In the ‘Email to’ box please use the address [email protected]
  3. In the ‘Message’ box include your requirements, your name & all of your current contact details.
  4. Click the ‘Transfer’ button, you may be sent a verification code, if so, insert this in the box provided and continue. Wait for WeTransfer to announce ‘You’re Done!’ then sit back and relax.

Original Photographs

Originals should be sent to us via the safest method possible, e.g. Special Delivery Service by Royal Mail. Packing should be such as is necessary to prevent damage during transit.

Your Details

Please include all of your requirements for your finished picture regarding prints, sizes, quantities, digital files, etc. together with all current contact details including, your name and full postal address, email address & phone number in your package.

2) Receiving the Estimate

Upon receipt of your picture the amount of work needed to suit your brief will be assessed and you will be advised as to all the details required. If satisfied, please confirm by Email [email protected]

3) After the Work Is Carried Out

You will receive a low resolution, watermarked digital file for your approval together with a payment request. Upon receipt of payment your work will be sent out together with the return of any of your original hard copies if applicable.